Blog, Paper, Scissor was established to note C.K. Garner’s  journey as a Writer on the road to Author. Now, having achieved the goal of published author, she continues sharing  the best advice on Writing and Authorship she can find in books and on the WWW to help others achieve that goal, too.

There are links to books, writer and author blogs, and websites; from getting started on your first page, formatting and building a manuscript, to submitting your work to agents and publishing houses, large and small.Join C.K. in sharing this site with other Writers and Authors, and help build a treasure map through the maze of what it takes to go from Manuscript to Novel.

C.K. Garner collects books and dust, is owned by two cats, and writes to unbury her keyboard form under the fur. Currently she is editing the sequel to her steampunk novella Stealing Time, writing a Victorian Era murder mystery, and drafting a horror anthology.


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